Your Drupal cron might be currently failing simply because your server time is ahead or behind

Per instructions on I've added the the following line to server's cron job:

# crontab -e

44 * * * * /usr/bin/lynx -source

The time on the upper right corner of my MacPro's display was showing exactly 1.43 pm. After one minute passed I checked the status of cron on and, alas, cron didn't yet run. Googling gave lot's of long discussions like one on just quickly glancing on which gets you confused with lot's of possible reasons for the failure.

Tinyurl is not tiny anymore

I've just setup, a Drupal 6 website, with nodes configured to automatically be announced on Twitter, and posted my first entry: Everything looks great, but one thing.

An easy way of extending Linux logical volumes

Some vendors like 1and1 deliver Linux servers with pre-configured partitioning scheme with reduced logical volumes. A Logical Volume Manager (LVM) manager is here to help us.

First we need to see if we have an extra space at all by running pvs command on Ubuntu and pvs -av on CentOS ( recommends runing pvs -o+pv_used, however it did not work on CentOS 5.8)

root@host:~# pvs


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